Thursday, May 1, 2008

Comfort your way

How many ways can you view your images? Our Office theater area allows you to see your images on a 60" big screen in true comfort. Whether you want to see a slide show or each individual image cropped to your specifications right in front of you, the choice is yours. Want to view your album before it's printed. No problem. Enjoy a beverage as your relive your wedding complete with background music in Dolby 7.1 stereo through a Bose speaker system.

Our goal is to give you choices to make your wedding, portrait s or events easy for you to see. We have the technology to project your images, upload to a custom website or view your images in a proof magazine or traditional proof book. How about a cd you can put in your computer and relive your wedding whenever you want.
This isn't Burger King but you can still have it "YOUR WAY". Most of our Clients say "I'm lovin IT"