Friday, August 25, 2017

The Changing Face of Photography

Mark Rychel Photographers was established in 1989.
A lot has happened in the photography since I started my business. Film went out the window, point and shoot cameras went out the window too with the advent of phone cameras. What could I do to remain relevant in an ever changing industry.

The answer for me  has been mirrorless professional cameras. Cameras that take high quality still pictures as well as high quality video. I have changed approach to incorporate video, particularly in
the documentary photography that I do in Haiti.

Special Thanks to Mystic Image Media for assembling the above video
I have also integrated drone photography, primarily in  real estate and documentary photography and video to my repertoire as well.

It is refreshing to have new challenges and learn new skills.  Technology is awesome and using it to capture meaningful events and portraits makes the photography business worthwhile.

Stay tuned for more cutting edge approaches to photography as technology changes